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Non-judgemental Dog Discussion
We all have very strong opinions on what we feel is right when it comes to our dogs. It makes sense, we love them very much and want only the best for them. However, here at the Canine Campfire we feel that these opinions can sometimes come between people and the help they really need. We offer a non-judgemental ear, advice and shoulders to lean on. So join Holly and Dahlia by the fire, before they eat all the hotdogs!

About Our Community

We do not condone animal abuse. Anybody who continues to knowingly abuse or discusses purposefully abusing an animal will be banned and related discussion deleted.

What we do condone is a supportive environment where community members can go for help without fear of being judged or harassed. Controversial methods and discussion of past mistakes made out of ignorance will not be grounds for banning. The goal of the community is to educate and support each other without instigating flame wars.

Membership is currently moderated.

What's Ok Here?

This is the place to come to cry when you have had to split up a dog fight. It's the place to seek advice when you have messed up with your dog and you know it - you don't need us to tell you that, you need to know how to fix it. It's the place to find advice when you realise you want more information on something you previously thought was normal but are perhaps coming to see it is not the only way.

We will also allow discussion on news articles and similar things and the civil expression of opinions.

Please place any post that references animal abuse in a more than passing manner behind an LJ-cut, and warn for graphic content if there is any.

What Isn't Ok Here?

Flaming, drama, and dogpiling will not be tolerated. One instance will result in a warning and freezing/deleting of threads. If there is another instance after the warning, you will be banned. No exceptions. We don't care if you were having a bad day - then don't post.

Do not be confrontational or accusatory when discussing issues here. No personal attacks will be tolerated.

Any spam will be deleted and the poster will be banned.

Again, ongoing abuse will not be tolerated. If you knowingly abuse your dog (or other animal) and show no intention of changing your behavior, you will be banned. It is ultimately your choice how you treat your dog but this is a community for animal lovers, not animal abusers.

Keep it in the comm! Personal attacks in other communities based on information you learned here will not be tolerated; the posts are friends-locked for a reason.

Please do not delete your posts in this community. If you are attacked, contact the mods and we will take care of it.

Your Mods

anobjectinspace lives with several rescue dogs, one of whom is ex-aggressive and one... it's an ongoing project! He has also rescued and worked with a large variety of animals.

crysania4 owns a rescue dog, and has worked extensively with rescues; doing transport work for shelters.

Therefore both of us understand the frustration of helping animals with issues and how upsetting, difficult and yes, even infuriating, it can be.

Please do not try to act like a mod. If something requires the attention of a mod, you can reach either of us by PM.

Useful Links

Intro Post - Please post here to introduce yourself when you join! This is not mandatory, but it's nice to get to know you. Photos welcome.

You can also make a new post for your intro if you like. You can read the introductions from others in the link above, or here at the Intros tag.

Comments/Suggestions - Post here with any ideas you have for the community.