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Duncan's eye
The American College of Veterinary Ophthalmology has opened registration for their free to working dogs May eye exams for 2012. See acvoeyeexam.org for all details. If you have or know someone who has a service dog, police K9, search and rescue dog, certified therapy dog or a dog in a program to be trained for those jobs, you should check out the qualifications page http://acvoeyeexam.org/2012/animals/qualifications.shtml

You register in April (so another 3 weeks or so of time to get this done), the exams are in May, whenever your local eye vet chooses to have them.

Prior experience with Duncan says this is a fairly simple thing. You show up with your registration number, fill out paperwork, and they do a full eye exam. I always opt to make this our one thing or final thing for the day because they dilate the eye, and I can't imagine fluorescent lights without pupil control. We won't be doing the May exam, as we've already been to the eye vet this year over some small tumors on Duncan's right eye. So, I'm banging the drum a little harder- get your SD/therapy/working dog's peepers checked. It's free through this program, and here in Kansas City, that's a $140 value, plus information and peace of mind. I've passed on the word to the local SAR dog group, I'm hoping you all can help me spread the news.

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